Annual Physicals

The annual physical exam is a multi-faceted and important tool used to monitor the patient’s health and identify any deficiencies that need to be addressed. It is generally recommended that all adults over 40 the age of forty and all women of reproductive age have an annual physical exam. There are many illnesses that can be diagnosed and treated early by the way of an annual physical exam to minimize harm to a patient’s health. 

The annual physical exam allows the doctors and medical professionals at Wilson Creek Internal Medicine Group an opportunity to evaluate the patient, literally from head to toe, as well as to address any new concerns or symptoms the patient may be experiencing. Carefully reviewing and listening to the patient’s history for potential clues, in addition to assessing vital signs (like blood pressure), and performing screening tests are all a part of the overall evaluation of the patient’s health.

Oftentimes, there are new guidelines or screening tests that should be considered or implemented based on a patient’s personal or family medical history. With the explosion of medical information available to patients and practitioners alike, it is important to have a knowledgeable healthcare provider that can assimilate each patient’s personal healthcare history along with the most current guidelines to help ensure each patient’s health and wellness. Safeguard your health and quality of life; schedule your annual physical examination today.

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